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French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday shielded a Paris Agreement
on meridian change and asked endangered parties to keep a Iran
nuclear deal, China’s Xinhua news group reported.

“This (Paris) agreement is not adult for re-negotiation, we will not
back-track,” Macron told a UN General Assembly (UNGA), shortly after a
discuss by US President Donald Trump, whose preference to repel from
the Paris Agreement has dismayed a world.

“I entirely honour a preference of a US. The doorway will always be open,”
pronounced Macron, who spoke for a initial time during a United Nations. “We
must shoulder a responsibility. The universe will not negotiate with

On Iran, he pronounced a ubiquitous agreement reached in Jul 2015
between Tehran and a 6 countries of Britain, China, France, Germany,
Russia and a US was a “solid, strong agreement that verifies that
Iran will not build a chief weapon.”

“Renouncing it would be a grave error, not respecting it would be irresponsible,” he warned.

Trump, in his speech, slashed Iran, job a Iran chief understanding an “embarrassment to a United States.”

The UNGA on Tuesday kicked off a annual ubiquitous debate, with heads of
state and supervision member entertainment during a UN headquarters
to benefaction their views about dire universe issues.

تاریخ ارسال : ۲۹ شهریور ۱۳۹۶
موضوع : اخبار

The agreement was sealed in Beijing between China´s CITIC investment
group and a commission of Iranian banks led by executive bank president
Valiollah Seif.

The Iran Daily pronounced a supports would financial water, appetite and ride projects.

Iran is critical to China´s trade ambitions as it develops its
trillion-dollar “One Belt, One Road” plan directed during dramatically
boosting a ties to Europe and Africa.

In serve to a credit line, a Export-Import Bank of China
committed to a serve $10 billion in loans, while a China Development
Bank sealed rough deals with Iran for $15 billion in
infrastructure and prolongation projects, Seif announced.

The contracts simulate “a clever will for delay of team-work between a dual countries,” Seif said.

In total, China has concluded to allot $35 billion in financing and
loans for Iran´s economy, state news group IRNA quoted Seif as saying.

The credit line will use euros and yuan to assistance bypass US sanctions
that have continued notwithstanding a chief understanding between Iran and world
powers in 2015.

China was a signatory to a understanding that carried sanctions in sell for curbs to Iran´s chief programme.

President Xi Jinping visited Iran a week after it came into effect,
vowing to boost shared trade to $600 billion within a decade.

Although trade was only $31 billion in 2016, it jumped some-more than 30 percent in a initial 6 months of 2017.

China is already Iran´s biggest oil patron and accounts for a third of a altogether trade.

Since a lifting of sanctions, Beijing has non-stop dual credit lines
worth $4.2 billion to build high-speed railway lines joining Tehran with
Mashhad and Isfahan, a Iran Daily reported.

The latest pierce follows an eight-billion-euro credit understanding sealed with South Korea´s Exim bank final month.

European banks sojourn heedful of penalties from Washington for working
with Iran, though talks are pronounced to be during an modernized theatre for $22 billion
in credit deals with banks from Austria, Denmark and Germany.

تاریخ ارسال : ۲۶ شهریور ۱۳۹۶
موضوع : اخبار

President Trump has consistently denied any collusion
with a Kremlin, though special prosecutor Robert Mueller is expanding
his probe.

It’s now emerged that a FBI carried out a pre-dawn raid on Paul Manafort’s home, former Chairman of a Trump campaign.

The fact he’d already handed over papers to congressional
committees, raises a doubt of either Mr Mueller simply didn’t
trust him to supply all that he needed.

Some of the
documents are reportedly associated to a assembly he attended during Trump Tower
on Jul 9 2016. It supposing an bomb component to an already bubbling

Some saw it as a closest thing to a smoking gun, even
though it has constructed no decisive justification that a Kremlin was
behind it.

The Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskya, who allegedly
offering to plate mud on Hillary Clinton, denies she did so. She also
denies she is connected to a Russian government.

Michael Caputo, who was operative for a Trump debate during a time of
a assembly and is a crony of Mr Manafort’s, is assured there is a
“collusion delusion” holding hold.

He believes it’s foul preventing a President from progressing.

fact a Democrats and a anti-Trump people in Congress are restraining his
hands, we consider that’s a contrition for each singular American since now we
don’t mount a possibility to urge a relationship, a same possibility George
W had, Hillary Clinton had, Donald Trump doesn’t have.”

concedes that Don Junior was maybe politically genuine to take a meeting
with a lady described in emails as a “Russian supervision attorney”
with supportive information.

But he casts a mural of a frantic
campaign, filled with fresh family members who were perplexing to
help and unknowingly of a implications. Experienced antithesis researchers
he pronounced would have consulted others first.

Daniel Hoffman, former arch of hire for a CIA, is also distrustful a assembly shows any hallmarks of collusion.

he believes what took place was a classic: “Russian change operation
designed to emanate misunderstanding in US, to meddle with a election, our
governing routine and rouse Russia in minds of many as a actor on the
universe stage.”

The Russian supervision denies any palm in the
meeting. we ask because if they did in fact have a role, they would be so
obvious about it, withdrawal a snippet of emails.

“Putin served in
Germany,” he replies. “He was channelling a Brothers Grimm. He left
Hansel and Gretel breadcrumbs all a approach to a Kremlin.”

Russia review might good infer there are no links between a Trump
debate and Russia. But Michel Caputo is adamant: “The special counsel
has been tasked to take some scalps… he’s going to come behind with
some scalps”.

تاریخ ارسال : ۲۶ شهریور ۱۳۹۶
موضوع : اخبار

The UN Security Council will reason a ministerial
meeting to plead a non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
on Sep 21, a orator for Russia’s UN goal told TASS on
Saturday, TASS reported.

“The US put brazen an beginning before a UN Security Council to
hold a council’s assembly on Sep 21, during a high-level
segment of a 72nd event of a UN General Assembly clinging to fight
against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” a Russian
mission’s press secretary, Fyodor Strzhizhovsky, said.

“The UNSC is approaching to cruise a doing of relevant
resolutions of a Council, measures to urge it, as good as practical
measures to change a states that violate those decisions,” he

The event was tentatively scheduled for 15:30 New York time on Sep 21.

Earlier on Saturday, Agence France-Presse reported that a UN
Security Council will accumulate on a assembly to plead North Korea’s
missile and chief programs on a ask from a United States.
On Sep 15, a UN Security Council reason an puncture assembly over
another barb launch by North Korea, that took place 4 days after
the adoption of Resolution 2375, that toughens sanctions against
Pyongyang. The participants of a assembly adopted a corner statement
that cursed a North Korean leadership’s provocative stairs and
stressed a need to entirely approve with all sanctions imposed on the

تاریخ ارسال : ۲۶ شهریور ۱۳۹۶
موضوع : اخبار

Two new landmine incidents today, including a blast floating off a immature man’s leg, move to 3 a series of famous sites where Myanmar authorities have mined limit crossings used by Rohingya journey violence, Amnesty International said.

A Bangladeshi rancher in his early 20s stepped on a landmine nearby a Bangladeshi encampment of Baish Bari this morning when he was herding cattle in a aegis section along a limit with Myanmar. Witnesses told a classification of a Rohingya male being rushed to medical diagnosis in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh today, after a apart landmine blast nearby a Bangladeshi encampment Amtali, another famous limit channel point.

“All indications indicate to a Myanmar confidence army deliberately targeting locations that Rohingya refugees use as channel points. This a vicious and cruel approach of adding to a wretchedness of people journey a systematic debate of persecution,” pronounced Tirana Hassan, Amnesty international’s Crisis Response Director, who is now on a Bangladeshi side of a border.

“This offers serve justification that this is not a problem that is going divided on a own. Myanmar’s authorities contingency immediately finish this offensive use and concede demining teams to entrance a limit areas.”

The new blasts took place along a limit where a United Nations estimates 290,000 Rohingya journey assault have crossed in a past dual weeks. Locals contend they frequently see a Myanmar confidence army unit a area.

The Myanmar Army is one of usually a handful of state army worldwide, along with North Korea and Syria, to plainly use antipersonnel landmines in new years. The weapons were criminialized by an general covenant in 1997.

On 8 September, Amnesty International reliable that a Myanmar confidence army had planted mines along a northern partial of a limit with Bangladesh on dual bustling paths nearby Taung Pyo Let Wea [known locally as Tumbro] where many Rohingya journey assault pass through. At slightest 3 people, including dual children, were severely injured, with all blasts holding place along heavily trafficked roads.

“Instead of denying responsibility, Myanmar should put a reserve of people in a limit area during a forefront. There is a reason because a use of antipersonnel landmines is illegal: they kill and censor indiscriminately and can’t heed between fighters and typical people,” pronounced Tirana Hassan.

“UN experts contingency be authorised to examine a widespread and systematic violations that have taken place in Rakhine State, including Myanmar’s use of criminialized landmines. Those obliged should be hold to account.”

تاریخ ارسال : ۱۹ شهریور ۱۳۹۶
موضوع : اخبار

The Defence Secretary pronounced a UK was operative “extremely
closely” with a White House to move about a tactful resolution to
the situation, notwithstanding President Trump warning of “fire and fury” if Kim
Jong-Un’s regime continues to exam inter-continental ballistic

Appearing on a BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Mr Fallon said: “We’re doing
now what we can to move about a tactful solution. What we have to
avoid during all costs is this spilling over into any kind of military
conflict, so we’re operative prosaic out during a UN to get a improved resolution
there, to make a existent sanctions, we’re looking during sanctions
across a EU and of march we’re perplexing to convince China to keep its
neighbour in check.

And he done transparent that a UK should take a North Korean threat
seriously, given that Europe is nearer a Stalinist state than the
continental US.

Mr Fallon said: “I’m really endangered during a conditions in a Pacific,
the US is entirely entitled to urge a possess territory, to urge its
bases and to demeanour after a people. But this involves us, London is
closer to North Korea and a missiles than Los Angeles.”

At a same time he concurred that a North Koreans do not nonetheless have a capability to launch a barb as distant as a UK. 

He said: “Not yet, though they are clearly accelerating their missile
programme, a operation is removing longer and longer and we have to get
this programme halted since a dangers now of miscalculation, of some
collision triggering a response are intensely great.

“So, we’ve got to work during this problem and move about a diplomatic
solution that stops a growth of North Korea’s chief programme
and enforces a sanctions we have during a moment.”

تاریخ ارسال : ۱۹ شهریور ۱۳۹۶
موضوع : اخبار

After Washington’s preference to postpone a 225-million-dollar troops assist to Pakistan, Islamabad might spin to China in a bid to solve a issue, Natalaya Zamarayeva of a Institute of Oriental Studies of a Russian Academy of Sciences told Sputnik.

Commenting on a US State Department’s preference to postpone troops assist to Pakistan, a Russian consultant told Sputnik in an talk that she didn’t order out a probability that Pakistan would spin to China in a bid to solve a issue.

“No doubt, Pakistan will try to rise a troops and technical team-work with China, an emanate that will positively tip a bulletin of a Beijing talks. As for either China will be means to reinstate a US in terms of giving troops assist to Pakistan, it is a doubt [which can be answered] in a future,” Natalya Zamarayeva said.
She referred to Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif’s stream revisit to China that she pronounced comes after US President Donald Trump indicted Islamabad of ancillary terrorists.

She forked to a ongoing energy onslaught in Pakistan, observant that a transition duration is expected to final until a parliamentary elections in a country, that are slated for in 2018.

According to her, Islamabad has already begun to adjust a domestic and unfamiliar process amid a augmenting poke of a Pakistani military. She pronounced that Islamabad is privately focusing on issues associated to a team-work with China, India and Afghanistan.

Zamarayeva was echoed by Chinese domestic researcher Zhang Li, who wasn’t eager about Beijing fast determining to offer Islamabad a assisting palm in terms of a troops aid.

“Despite a accumulation of contacts between China and Pakistan, we don’t consider that a US preference to postpone troops assist to Pakistan can prompt China to concur with Islamabad on a matter,” Li said.

He removed that “Chinese-Pakistani team-work and a anti-terrorist communication between Washington and Islamabad are by no means connected.”

On Jul 21, media reports pronounced that a US State Department motionless to secrete 225 million dollars of a troops assist from Pakistan.

On Aug 21, during a debate during Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia, US President Donald Trump announced Washington’s willingness to change a proceed to family with Islamabad if a Pakistani side continues to support terrorists.

“The subsequent post of a new plan is to change a proceed in how to understanding with Pakistan. We can no longer be wordless about Pakistan’s protected havens for militant organizations,” Trump said.

Such a approach indictment of sponsoring terrorism annoyed a response from Islamabad; a Pakistani Foreign Ministry pronounced that a critique from President Trump is unsatisfactory and that a designed revisit by a deputy of a State Department to Islamabad had been cancelled.

تاریخ ارسال : ۱۹ شهریور ۱۳۹۶
موضوع : اخبار

Russian President Vladimir Putin has again uttered antithesis to
imposing serve sanctions on Pyongyang, observant that a predicament over
North Korea’s barb and chief tests could be resolved by “diplomatic

Speaking on a sidelines of an mercantile forum in a Russian port
city of Vladivostok, Putin pronounced on Sep 7 that Pyongyang would not
end a chief and barb programs since it views them as a only
means for self-defense.

“It’s unfit to shock them,” he said.

Also vocalization in Vladivostok, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
reiterated a call for a universe to put a “greatest probable pressure”
on North Korea to do a UN obligations and solidify a weapons

The comments come as a United States is proposing a operation of new UN
sanctions opposite North Korea following a sixth chief explosve test.

The breeze U.S. offer circulated to a UN Security Council members
calls for a sum anathema on provision a operation of oil products to North
Korea and on a weave trade industry.

It also suggests frozen a resources of a reserved country’s
government and a leader, Kim Jong Un, as good as banning him and other
officials from traveling.

North Korean laborers would also be criminialized from operative abroad.

It was not transparent either China, North Korea’s categorical ally, would support a tough new moves opposite Pyongyang.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pronounced on Sep 7 that the
Security Council should make a serve response on North Korea, but
added that sanctions were usually half a resolution and contingency be combined
with discourse and negotiation.

تاریخ ارسال : ۱۶ شهریور ۱۳۹۶
موضوع : اخبار

General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the
NATO Military Committee and General Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the
General Staff of a Armed Forces of a Russian Federation and First
Deputy Minister of Defence, will accommodate today, 7 Sep 2017, in Baku,

تاریخ ارسال : ۱۶ شهریور ۱۳۹۶
موضوع : اخبار

The EU is staid to tell a set of position papers on “divorce” issues such as a Irish limit – suggesting Brussels is reluctant to pierce onto a second theatre of talks – according to a array of leaked documents.

The papers lift a date 6 September, and are due to be published in a entrance days, a Guardian reports

Included among a papers is an insistence that shortcoming for “solutions” to a doubt of a Irish limit be placed on a UK, and that any products in movement on Brexit day be theme to a office of a ECJ, definition firms would be probable to fines from Brussels for violation EU VAT and etiquette rules.

It also wants a UK to order for a continued insurance of special dishes such as Spanish cava and Parma ham to safeguard they are stable from British copycats.

The papers also advise that a supervision contingency pledge EU information insurance standards on personal EU papers and ask that Britain not distinguish opposite EU companies that are carrying out state-funded infrastructure projects.

The Irish limit is a categorical challenge, however, with a papers acknowledging it is “different from other papers”.

The fact all 5 papers concentration on separation, or supposed divorce, issues – rather than a destiny trade attribute – underscores Brussels’ refusal to pierce talks onto trade or transition. Earlier this week, Brexit secretary David Davis warned that divorce issues could final “the duration” of a negotiations, putting serve vigour on a supervision to secure a understanding during all.

EU’s arch adjudicator Michel Barnier is approaching to set out his meditative on Brexit in a press discussion today, as a supervision gears adult for a two-day discuss on a Repeal Bill.

تاریخ ارسال : ۱۶ شهریور ۱۳۹۶
موضوع : اخبار
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